Of Light and Chaos


25 May 2012 08:58 pm



Alright, so mid-March is obviously out. Especially since I said that in April... I meant to say May. But mid-May is out too. The first update will be once school gets out, so probably around the 19th. I decided a while back that it would be a Tuesday/Thursday schedule, for the simple reason that very few webcomics actually seem to update on those days. But by the time school gets out, I'll definitely have the Introduction and chapter 1 all set... especially since I had the bright idea to make the creation of chapter 1 my art class final. Means I don't get a reason to put it off, and I'll have a pretty nice buffer!

Though, scripting is still going slow. i think I just finished chapter 3.... but they all seem to be kinda long-ish, so I'll hopefully get farther before the art catches up?


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22 Apr 2012 04:35 pm


Hey, look!

Since it seems that some people actually come here, I'm going to put this up.

First off, look! I put a background up. I don't really car for any of the default templates, but they'll have to do, since I don't know how to make my own.

I plan to put up the map and character profiles soon... which means I should start working on the images.I already have the map, since the layout of the world is one of the few things that's staying the same, but the figment images will have to be updated.

So, as far as the comic's going: I have the entire introduction inked and colored, so that should give me a pretty good buffer. After that, I have about 1 1/2 chapters scripted. My attention got taken for most of the month by another story I'm working on (not to say my mind isn't still on it, but now I'm actually trying to concentrate on this.) In all the old versions of this that I did, the focus has been primarily on Ruby. I'm trying to move away from that, and tone her down a bit... It hasn't been entirely successful so far, but I definitely think that it's better.

I'm hoping to get the first pages posted up by mid-March, at the latest.

And that's... really all I have to say. ^^


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